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Welcome to the AFRICAN JOYS UNIVERSAL website!
labeled "african gospel"

Psalm 70"Make haste, O God, to deliver me;..."
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AFRICAN JOYS UNIVERSAL "Millésime 2014" @ Pont à Celles

African n. 1 native (esp. dark-skinned) of Africa. 2 person of African descent. — adj. of Africa. [Latin]

Joy n. 1 (often foll. By at, in) pleasure; extreme gladness. 2 thing causing joy. 3 colloq. Satisfaction, success (got no joy). Joyful adj. joyfully adv. Joyfulness n. joyless adj. joyous adj. joyously adv. [French Allégresse / joie from Latin gaudium]

Chorale (Choir)
Choir n. 1 regular group of singers, esp. in a church. 2 part of a cathedral or large church between the altar and nave. [Latin: related to CHORUS]

Gospel n. 1 teaching or revelation of Christ. 2 (Gospel) a record of Christ’s life in the first four books of the New Testament. b each of these books. c portion from one of them read at a service. 3 (also gospel truth) thing regarded as absolutely true. 4 (in full gospel music) Black American religious singing. [Old English: related to GOOD, SPEL = news]

The Oxford Quick Reference Dictionary 1996, revised edition 1998, edited by Della Thompson.


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