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We also make possible to you to assist to our rehearsals sessions known as open by contacting Joëlle BISELELE by email ( or by phone at the following number: +32(0)485 570 499.

Address of rehearsals
Saint-Denis Parish
15, rue des Abbesses
1190 Bruxelles (Forest)
How to get there?

The rehearsals sessions known as closed being exclusively reserved to AFRICAN JOYS members, those last are thus requested to log on in order to find out the calendar of all (closed and open) sessions.

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P.S. Access to the rehearsal room is very easy because we are located in Brussels (Forest), to 1 minute of the factories AUDI. Moreover, the bell comprises this information: "Saint-Denis Parish - Secretariat (Philippe de Rosen de Borgharen)". We will be magic to meet you!

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Charlotte & Brigitte
Charlotte & Brigitte
Charlotte & Brigitte
Charlotte & Brigitte

Calendar of rehearsals

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