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Psalm 85"LORD, thou hast been favourable unto thy land:..."
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Livret de messe de Bérénice & Sébastien
Livret de messe de Bérénice & Sébastien
Livret de messe de Bérénice & Sébastien
Livret de messe de Bérénice & Sébastien

Being able to listen is the quality of a singer or a musician, we listen to your wishes and never impose any standard. We are ready to sky-blue your celebrations, and it is the ever increasing pursuit of this aim which hosts us.


With AFRICAN JOYS, a luminous sky is inviting itself to your church even or to whatever places. For the pleasure of the married and their guests, we are able to secure a full repertoire of warmth, fervor and joy. Our dear guests were always surprised on any opportunities of marriage celebration. Therefore if you wish to make your wedding an exceptional day, include us in your project for very intense emotional moments! (Find out the diagram of wedding with Eucharist)

Baptism - Communion - Profession of Faith

A joyful celebration happens in your family: AFRICAN JOYS is there to give those moments another dimension with an appropriate repertory.

Psalm 41"Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the..."
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Public – « Concert »
Public – « Concert »
Public – « Concert »
Public – « Concert »

Eucharistic Sunday

Your parish church wishes to celebrate Eucharistic Sundays in a special way: AFRICAN JOYS UNIVERSAL is bringing the sky blue to your parishioners. The heaven melodies will them give company to alive deeply together each Eucharistic step, with songs punctuating perfectly all the strong moments of this Eucharist.

Thanksgiving mass - requiem mass

To help move through difficult moments, AFRICAN JOYS offers you a repertory that will bring some sweetness to those specific moments.

Concerts - Animations (birthday, cocktail, convention or seminar, launching of product, etc.)

You organize a show and you wish to bring some originality and fun to your event: please feel free to contact AFRICAN JOYS and you will be gratified!

What we do

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